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Accessories - connectors, terminals, seals, rubber housings, brass components

WireConn expands its product lines by accessories associated with the production of wire harnesses.

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LPG temperature sensors

WireConn expands its product lines by LPG temperature sensors used in vehicle gas installations.

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Wire harnesses

We manufacture wire harnesses for LPG installation for Matrix, Valtek, Han and Taurus LPG rails.

We produce also temperature sensors used in vehicle LPG/CNG gas installations.
Our products include LPG rail temperature sensors and LPG pressure regulator temperature sensors.

We also manufacture wire harnesses based on components MOLEX, Delphi, FCI and Tyco connectors used in the cabling systems for industrial automation, also low series cable looms are producing.

We perform terminal-lead, lead-lead and lead-passive element mechanical connections. Gas-tight connections guarantee no sparking, minimise temperature increases in the elements being connected, are resistant to vibrations generated in the vicinity, such us engine vibrations.z2



Leads and cables machining

We machine cable type leads with cross-sections of up to 10 mm2, wire type leads of up to 2.5 mm2, multi-conductor leads and ribbons up to 30 mm wide.

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