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Welcome to WireConn

WireConn specialises in the manufacture of wire harnesses.

We supply terminals and connectors together with cabling as well as brass elements used in the LPG industry, LPG temperature sensors for pressure regulators and rails.

We process wire harness leads subjecting them to cutting, complete or partial insulation, machine single-conductor leads in the form of a cable or wire, multi-conductor and ribbons. We use the lead-lead, lead-passive element gas tight connection technology.

In the manufacture of temperature sensors we use certified materials, resistant to high temperatures and contact with oils and gasses.

We fit insulation sleeves, corrugated conduits, elements used for positioning wire harness leads such as clips and mounting brackets.

Every wire harness production stage is subject to an inspection with reference to a standard, wire harness leads are metered, electrical conductivity tests and measurements are carried out and finally the finished wire harnesses undergo operational tests.

We welcome queries from new customers.

Please feel free to have a look at what WireConn offers.

Adam Krzempek


Quick Contact

WireConn Adam Krzempek

mobile: +48 885 012 344

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